You can now invest in income-producing hotel real estate with HarDam Hotels.

Our investment strategy is focused on Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt, Focused Service and Extended-Stay brands primarily in major U.S. corporate urban infill markets.

Why HarDam Hotels?

Built For Better Returns

Invest in private equity hotel real estate in markets with high barriers to entry.

Cash Flow

Our properties give our investors the opprotunity for quarterly cash flow distributions.

Low, Transparent Fees

Fee schedules are transparent and provided to all investors when you register for an account.

Expert Management

HarDam Hotels is a preferred hotel developer and hotel operator for multiple national hotels brands.

Expert Management Team

Seasoned Acquisitions and Management Team

Our company has a strict due diligence process, that is enacted daily as we actively pursue, review, acquire, renovate, reposition and manage our hotel real estate investments.

We follow a strategy of acquiring investments and increasing their value through mortgage reductions, capital investments, technology. investments and renovation. Investment in our management team, staff and training, improving guest services and the customer experience, and aggressive sales efforts locally and nationally through our major hotel branded sales efforts. Our team draws on decades of expertise to pursue the best possible results for our investors.

HarDam Hotel's proven investment strategy guides every step of our value-driven approach.

Crossroad in Houston Downtown

We Know Our Markets

HarDam Hotels vets and acquires properties situated in areas of high job and population growth markets with a stable and diverse customer-base located in strong and diverse Corporate and major urban infill markets, throughout the United States.

We look for properties with reasonable or non-existent government price controls, and we know our constraints, whether it is land scarcity, or regulatory restrictions, and price volatility. Our portfolio consists of hotel real estate with low property tax, insurance, and utility costs.

We Target Major Branded, Well Located Hotel Properties

HarDam Hotels focuses on well-located focused service and extended-stay hotel real estate with major brand recognition, high barriers to entry, reasonable property tax, insurance, utility and labor costs, a minimum of 90 guest rooms, good access and viability, strong traffic counts, with nearby restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues.

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We Transform Spaces

HarDam Hotels repositions properties in the hotel marketplace with distinctive interior and exterior design and sought-after amenities, such as fitness centers, conference & event rooms, and outdoor space.

These improvements strengthen our properties' desirability to a wide range of guests, from travelers wanting to feel at home, to business guests seeking modern stylish design, with amenities they can use to stay productive.

We Improve Quality Of Life

Our hotel brands receive dozens of awards each year, including:

• World's Most Ethical Companies
• Best Hotel Customer Service
• World's Most Innovative Companies by Forbes Magazine
• Best Hotel Elite Program
• Best Loyalty Program
• Top Travel and Leisure Companies

These awards demonstrate the company's dedication to customer loyalty, satisfaction, and innovative business practices.

Skyline of Houston, Texas

We Produce Timely and Well-Executed Exits

HarDam Hotels continually assesses exit timing based on asset performance, as well as economic and local market conditions.

Along with operational excellence and fiscal responsibility, we utilize the strength of prospective buyer demand to capitalize on capital appreciation potential.

Our customers benefit not only from stable cash flow distributions but, from increases in property value that builds equity.

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