HarDam Hotels

HarDam Hotels principals and advisory board have over 100 years of combined hotel ownership and investment experience.

Who We Are

A Modern Acquisition, Development & Asset Management Firm Built On Legacy

HarDam Hotels, is a Texas-based Hotel Developer, Owner, and Investor. The company has successfully developed, owned and managed hotels since 1999. Our President & CEO, James O. Guillory, is a career hotelier who has been an approved franchisee and hotel manager of Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt Brands for over 17 years. Our principal partners have been in business since 1974 as major commercial real estate developers, owners, and investors.

Our firm’s management, acquisitions, and development professionals bring decades of experience and a thorough understanding of their markets, design options, and construction cost dynamics. Financial partners benefit from our hotel focus, expertise, and commitment to success. Senior development team members are partners and direct investors in every project, which maximizes the alignment of interests and financial outcomes.

What We Do

(It's all in the name.)







HarDam Hotels’ strategy is focused primarily on major corporate markets, in Texas, and other U.S. major urban infill markets, located in high growth and consistently growing areas.

Why Us

We Maintain High Standards

We work with best-in-class fund administrators, and investor relations specialists.

We Have Unmatched Experience

Our team has transacted over $100 million in real estate investment deals over the course of their careers.

We Work For You

We spend our own money alongside your investments, and review vetted investment opportunies with full transparency.

We Withstand Market Fluctuations

We are persistent in our pursuit of successful ventures that preservere through economic cycles.

Our Brands Carry Weight

We provide nationally branded investment opportunities for individual investors, funds and institutional investors.

We Create Opportunity

We offer risk-adjusted returns, high yeilding stable cash flows, and equity appreciation potential.

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